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This program provides a comprehensive way to add independent work time to your mathematics instruction. The program separates your math curriculum into twelve different strands. The strands are:

• Algebra
• Brainteasers
• Calendar
• Estimation
• Fractions
• Geometry
• Graphing
• Measurement
• Money
• Number Operations
• Puzzles and Shapes
• Time

These 12 strands are practiced through hands-on independent activities; each one time per rotation, (a rotation usually lasting 3 to 4 weeks). Students use the program’s handouts to solve problems which sometimes require the use of manipulatives or cooperative learning. Students use the program’s resources that are displayed on bulletin boards or kept in student folders.
What will the program do for the teacher? It will help teachers individualize student learning by allowing time to work with small groups and individuals. It will add a dimension to the core program by working with skills that are hard to develop, yet necessary for the foundations of basic mathematical knowledge. The Math Workshop will build these foundations and have young students on the right track toward greater mathematical understandings.

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